Parents Association or Cairdeas (2020-2021)2021-10-06T09:37:38+01:00

Parents Association or Cairdeas (means friend)

Cairdeas holds regular meetings during the school calendar.  All the parents are invited to attend these meetings.
The Association organizes the following events during the year:

  • Halloween Walk
  • Bag Packing
  • School Sports
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Fundraising events
  • Irish Dancing
  • French Lessons (5th and 6th classes)
  • Baking
  • Communion Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Catering for Infant Open Morning

Raison d’etre: The principal reason for having a parent’s association (PA) is to help parents to get involved in their local school.

Why should parents be involved?

There are two main reasons:

  • The school is regarded as an extension of the home and an active partnership between parents and teachers makes this a reality, especially in the eyes of the young child, who is the central figure. Research shows that parental interest and attitudes to school, to books, and to education are the single most important influence on a child’s learning.
  • The parent’s association is a means of encouraging parents to get more involved in their children’s education, thereby leading to more motivated and happier pupils. Involvement in a PA allows a parent to have a say in education policy at national level through the National Parents Council-Primary.

The role of the parents association is to:

  • Foster co-operation between you, teachers, and school management
  • Represent your views
  • Enable you to have an input into the development and review of school policy on a range of issues such as Bullying, Safety, Enrolment, Behaviour Policy etc.
Role Member
Chairpersons Denise Kiely and Noreen Smithers
Secretary Maeve Molumphy
Assistant Secretary Catherine Murphy
Treasurer Elaine Kiely
PRO/Web Relations Thelma van der Westhuizen
Members Siobhan Bemelmans, Elmarie Buchan, Karen Bugler, Lorraine Croke, Sinead Hurley, Kat Karantzi, Nicola Kenneally, Diane Martin, Ann McGregor, Therese McKeown, Catherine O’Shea, Jackie Sheehan, Ann O’ Leary


Class Rep Member
Juniors Elmarie Buchan
Seniors Nicola Kenneally
1st Class Catherine O’Shea
2nd Class Elaine Kiely
3rd Class Kat Karantzi
4th Class Sinead Hurley
5th Class Karen Bugler
6th Class Ann McGregor
Class representatives will assist with communication to parents