Board of Management

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Boards of management are responsible for the direct governance of schools.

The duties of the board of management include the following:

  • the appointment of teachers and ancillary staff;
  • approving school closures;
  • approving teacher absences for a variety of reasons;
  • the appointment of teachers to deputy-principalship and other posts of responsibility;
  • ensuring compliance with relevant legislation; and
  • ensuring that schools are adequately insured and maintained.

Specific duties of the chairperson of the board of management include:

  • acting as a correspondent with the Department of Education and Science and all outside bodies;
  • presiding at board of management meetings;
  • signing the monthly returns and annual statistical returns; and
  • serving on the selection board for the appointment of teachers.

The Board of Management of Scoil Mhaoilíosa comprises the following:


Chairperson Mary McCarthy, Secretary Orla O’Shea, Treasurer Marian Delaney, Teachers Rep. Claire Falvey, Parents Nominees Martina Dullea & Padraig O’Reilly, Community Reps. Nelius Lehane & Tom O’Brien