Website – what’s new?

Our website has a new look and feel.  We endeavored to keep the familiar structure of the old website.  Noticeable changes are:

Photo Gallery

Photos are grouped into albums and galleries – this will make it easier to find photos and spot newly uploaded images (the latest uploaded photos will appear on the home page).  Going forward we will have an album for each school year.  Photos from yesteryear can still be viewed on our old website.

Video Gallery

In the video gallery you will find videos from Vimeo and YouTube.  Feel free to forward us links to your own Vimeo and YouTube videos which might be of interest to the school.  We will add them to our video channels.


You might have noticed our new Facebook page.  We hope to use this page to have a greater web presence and to reach more parents and the community.  The latest Facebook posts will also appear on our website – see NEWS –> FACEBOOK POSTS

News and Events

The latest news and events will still appear on our home page.  You can subscribe to email alerts on the News or Events pages.

Your Help

Undoubtedly there will be a few teething problems with the new website.  Please report any issues by emailing them to  We also appreciate any feedback and suggestions to enhance our website.

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    Any issues to report?

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